A CONVICTED child rapist was locked up for four years after attempting to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex just seven months after his release from a 12 year prison sentence.

Judge Jonathan Rose agreed with a probation officer and a psychiatrist that Daniel Schofield was a high risk of causing serious harm to children and gave him an 11 year extended sentence.

Schofield, 33, of Lynfield Drive, Heaton, Bradford, was jailed on a video link to HMP Leeds after being recalled to prison until June, 2026.

The new sentence is made up of a four-year custodial term with a seven-year extended licence period.

Prosecutor Rebecca Young said Schofield was released from prison in June last year and by January he was messaging an undercover police officer posing as “Grace” aged 13.

He soon began including sexual messages in the online chat, saying her body was “just perfect” and he wanted to see it.

Schofield then sent a photo of an erect penis and asked for pictures of Grace in her underwear.

On January 12, he travelled from Bradford to Manchester to meet what he thought was a 13-year-old girl to have sex with her.

He was arrested and made no comment in his police interview.

Schofield pleaded guilty at the magistrates’ court to attempting to meet a girl aged 13 with the intention of committing a sexual offence.

In August, 2014, he was jailed for 12 years at Bradford Crown Court after getting two 14-year-old girls drunk and attacking them at a house party.

He was convicted by a jury of two offences of rape, one of attempted rape, sexual activity with a child and causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

The court heard that he repeatedly raped and sexually molested a vulnerable child and bit her friend so hard on the breast that he caused her actual bodily harm.

Schofield’s solicitor advocate, Saf Salam, said that Grace was a police decoy so no real child had been involved in the latest offending.

Schofield had now admitted to having a sexual interest in underage girls.

His inhibitions were lowered by alcohol and taking prescription drugs obtained on the black market.

After his release from prison he was isolated, unemployed and had no money or friends.

He had drunk alcohol on the day he travelled to Manchester intending to meet the girl.

Judge Rose said Schofield had been out of jail for just seven months when he messaged what he thought was a child of 13.

His chat soon became overtly sexual and within a week he was travelling to meet her.

“You are a man incapable of controlling your sexual drive towards young girls,” Judge Rose said.

Six years in jail had not cured his “paedophilic intent” to them.

“You are a dangerous man and your prison sentence has done nothing to deter your deviant sexual interest in young girls,” Judge Rose said.

Schofield must sign on the sex offender register for life and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order is in place without limit of time.

A MEMBER of a burglary gang that raided cash, property and a car to the value of £23,000 from a family home was jailed for three years.

Liam Sherriff climbed through a window at the unoccupied country home near Bingley and let his accomplices in with the house keys, Bradford Crown Court heard.

The gang made an untidy search of every room while the couple and their baby were out for a drive on the afternoon of May 10 last year, prosecutor Hannah Walker said.

The family returned to find their Vauxhall Corsa gone, along with £700 in cash, jewellery, laptop computers, bank cards, tools and electronic equipment.

Miss Walker said the total value of the items stolen was almost £23,000.

The man told the police he arrived home to find the car missing, drawers open and everywhere in a mess. A door had been damaged by the raiders.

Sherriff, 31, of Crawford Avenue, Wibsey, Bradford, pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced on a video link to Leeds Prison where he had been remanded since July.

The court heard he left his jacket at the burglary scene with his DNA on it.

A phone stolen in the break-in was tracked to near his home address, Miss Walker added.

She said Sherriff was the only member of the gang to be arrested and brought to justice.

He had two convictions for house burglary, dating from 2007 and 2014, as part of 16 previous convictions for 24 offences. They also included theft and handling stolen goods.

Jayne Beckett said in mitigation that Sherriff was usually in work but the pandemic put a stop to that and he was worried about providing for his partner and the children.

He now had a baby he had not yet seen and another of the children was poorly, she said.

Sherriff had been taking a maths course from his cell and was very keen to get his life back on track and to continue to provide for his family.

Judge Jonathan Gibson said the burglars made off with a significant amount of property, including money and the car, and made an untidy search of the house.

They struck after the family had left to go out for the afternoon.

“There seems to be an inference that you had been watching the house,” Judge Gibson said.

Sherriff was also in breach of a suspended sentence order for handling stolen goods. He was jailed for a total of three years.

AN intoxicated driver who tried to outrun the police in a high-speed chase after he had lost a front tyre was jailed for 18 months.

Sharaz Ali had drunk vodka and taken cocaine when he was pursued by two patrol vehicles and the police helicopter around residential streets in Bradford.

Ali, 35, of Main Street, Bingley, accelerated away from the police in a red VW Golf on Thornton Road, Bradford.

He was already under investigation for supplying cannabis and possession of cocaine and MDMA, prosecutor Clare Walsh told Bradford Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to those offences as well as dangerous driving and driving while over the prescribed limit for alcohol and cocaine on January 28 last year.

Miss Walsh said that Ali was caught with the drugs when he was stopped in a silver Audi A3 on Ingleby Road, Bradford, at 9.30pm on August 7, 2019.

He had £277 in cash with him as well as 19 street deals of skunk cannabis worth £340, £137 of cocaine and £20 of MDMA.

There was evidence of drug dealing and a “tick list” on his phone,” Miss Walsh said.

The Crown accepted that the cocaine and MDMA were for his own use.

Ali made no comment to all police questions and was released under investigation when he committed the second set of offences.

Police on duty at 4.15am on the wet January night saw him driving a red VW Golf on Thornton Road.

He turned on to Girlington Road and sped away, wheels spinning.

Ali failed to stop and was pursued for 20 minutes at up to 60mph.

He drove down a narrow alleyway, clipping wheelie bins, went the wrong way along Otley Road and continued after he lost a front tyre.

He eventually stopped on Bingley Road and was found to be over the limit for alcohol and cocaine.

He had 14 previous convictions for 23 offences, including supplying drugs and driving over the limit, and while disqualified.

Ali’s barrister, Ken Green, said his father’s tragic and unexpected death in December, 2019, was a devastating blow for the family.

Ali self-medicated on drugs and alcohol but had since turned his life around.

He had stopped taking drugs and significantly reduced his alcohol consumption.

In February last year, he set up a charity to help the poor and needy in the Bingley and Keighley areas, handing out food and clothing.

“His main purpose in life is working for and assisting in that charity,” Mr Green said.

Ali was also the main carer for his mother who was still coping with the loss of her husband.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Richard Mansell QC, said Ali had a complete disregard for the law as far as the rules of the road were concerned.

He jailed him for 12 months for supplying cannabis and six months to run consecutively for the driving offences.

Ali was banned from driving for two years and nine months and until he takes an extended retest.

TWO men were jailed after the police busted a huge £800,000 cannabis farm in a large industrial unit in Bradford.

The 1,370 plant grow on Nesfield Street, Manningham, was protected by roller shutters and the electricity meter had been bypassed by interfering with the supply below street level.

Vietnamese nationals Phan Tuan and Nam Van were arrested from their bedrooms in an insulated structure in the building where 13 rooms had been created to house the plants, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Tuan, 22, and Van, 41, both of no fixed address, at first claimed to be the victims of modern slavery but went on to plead guilty to production of cannabis.

Prosecutor Mehran Nassiri said that Van was locked up for 12 months in 2019 for production of cannabis.

Tuan was jailed for 31 months and Van was imprisoned for three years.

Mr Nassiri said the cannabis farm was at Nesfield Garage, a large industrial unit on a street of mainly business premises.

Both front doors had roller shutters and entrance had to be gained from the side of the building.

As well as the rooms containing plants, there was a drying area with hundreds of buds hanging up ready for packaging and distribution.

Both defendants had phones with them and Tuan had £105 in cash.

A large freezer contained joints of meat and there were many empty and full cans of lager at the scene.

Mr Nassiri said the men were not locked in and could leave if they wanted to.

The owner of the premises told the police he had rented it out to a man who hadn’t paid him.

The estimated yield of cannabis was 92.07 kilos, the court heard. The crop had a street value of just short of £800,000.

Van told the police he had been trafficked since 2017. After serving his earlier jail sentence he was kidnapped by the same gang and made to work at the farm.

Tuan, who had no previous convictions, said he was trafficked to a cannabis farm in Scotland and then taken with Van to the Bradford operation.

Both men said they owed money in Vietnam.

Tuan’s solicitor advocate, John Bottomley, said his client was sleeping on a mattress in squalor at the farm.

“He may not have been trafficked but he has been exploited,” he said.

Saf Salam, for Van, said he too had been exploited.

Recorder Anthony Kelbrick, said both men had played a role in “the huge professional enterprise.”

Van was jailed for longer because of his previous conviction.

POLICE seized a £47,000 stash of drugs when they raided a detached garage guarded by a big dog, Bradford Crown Court heard.

The building on Fairbank Road in Girlington, Bradford, contained more than £19,000 of cocaine, £11,550 of heroin and cannabis valued at £16,545.

Bilal Khan, 41, of Swinnow Lane, Swinnow, Leeds, was jailed for five and a half years after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply the Class A and Class B drugs.

Prosecutor Anthony Moore said the police went to the garage on May 25, 2019, to find the front door blocked off with a heap of rubble. Access had to be gained through a side door in a metal-fenced yard where the “large and aggressive” dog was roaming.

There were also CCTV cameras at the scene although it was not clear if they were working.

Khan was unhappy when the police said they were about the search the building, telling them there was nothing in there except a bit of cannabis in a box. But the officers were suspicious of his demeanour and pressed ahead with the search.

They discovered a cache of drugs that included six packages of cocaine, five packages of heroin and ten packages of cannabis weighing almost two kilos.

Khan had digital scales in his pocket with traces of drugs on them, Mr Moore said. Other scales were also found in the garage.

The total estimated street value of the drugs seized was £47,446.

There were dealer bags in a cupboard and a knife and razor blade were found with traces of drugs on them.

The court heard that Khan had a previous conviction for supplying Class A drugs, dating back to when he was a youth.

Samreen Akhtar his barrister asked for an adjournment for a probation report but the application was refused.

She said in mitigation that Khan went into a downward spiral after two tragic family bereavements.

He was working at a vehicle showroom as a car valeter but he became depressed and anxious following the loss of his mother. Khan, the father of three children, was very close to her and they had done a lot of charity work together, Miss Akhtar said.

He began taking drugs as a coping mechanism and was addicted to them at the time of his arrest.