A BRADFORD MP is "outraged" about a spate of "terrifying" gang violence which has been plagueing the residents of Keighley.

“The recent spate of gang violence around our area has been terrifying and we must send a loud and clear message that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated," said Robbie Moore, MP for Keighley and Ilkley.

Mr Moore's comments come after an incident this morning on Westburn Avenue where a gang wielding weapons slashed tyres on parked cars and damaged the front door of a house.

It follows several other incidents of violence in the town which police have responded to in recent months.

Mr Moore said: “For too long residents of Keighley have lived in fear from gangs committing violent acts, dealing drugs, and speeding up and down residential roads in their modified cars.

"Only last week I challenged a group of young boys who were openly injecting drugs in the middle of the afternoon in Cliffe Castle Park.

"Over recent months, a number of high profile violent acts and incidents have been reported.

"I am deeply concerned that a minority of individuals seem to treat Keighley like their playground, having no respect for rest of our community. This behaviour is outrageous and has to stop.

“I am in close contact with West Yorkshire Police on these issues and will be working with them to address these ongoing reports.”

Councillor Julie Lintern (Lab, Keighley West) also expressed her concerns that this morning's incident on Westburn Avenue and others acts of violence in recent months are "unsettling" for the residents of Keighley.

She said: "Having spoken to Inspector Khan, I can confirm that this was a targeted attack.

"The term targeted attack sounds like the harm is isolated to one household but as seen in recent months the impact of these crimes unsettle the whole community. 

"I have been contacted by concerned residents throughout the day, as a resident in the area myself I share their concerns.

"I have been assured that police presence is to be stepped up in the area in an attempt to offer community reassurance."