PERSONAL trainer Chris Sutcliffe has raised over £1,000 for charity after setting himself a daily running challenge for 100 consecutive days.

The 33-year-old did a 10k every day for 50 days straight, completed a half marathon on day 51, an Ultramarathon on day 52 and has continued to run every day for 100 days.

His efforts were in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society, a charity that assists people suffering from dementia or any other similar illness.

Mr Sutcliffe, 33, is currently based in Leeds, but grew up in the Riddlesden area and attended Bingley Grammar School.

With having both family and friends still based in the city, he maintains a strong link with the area.

When asked about some of his fondest memories, Mr Sutcliffe spoke of Bradford City and their time in the Premier League, saying that “some of my best memories (come from) watching Bradford mix it with the likes of Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal”. He too holds a memory of playing at Valley Parade in high regards, having played a match there as part of the Silsden Juniors under-9’s side.

With a background in sport, running has always been relevant in Mr Sutcliffe’s life, but it was 2014 when Mr. Sutcliffe decided to begin running competitively.

Initially representing Bingley Harriers, his passion has only continued to grow.

Mr. Sutcliffe’s wish to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society stems from personal dealings with the illness.

“Having seen both of my grandparents suffer at the hands of dementia, I really wanted to try and raise more awareness for this charity. I can only imagine how tough it must have been during the pandemic for so many other families who have a loved one suffering at the hands of dementia”.

It was his drive to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s that led him to conceptualising and executing the plan of daily 10k runs over a spell of 100 days. As well as raising money for a noble cause, he too wanted to challenge himself by seeing if he could run daily throughout lockdown, until gyms were reopened, which he was able to do.

When asked about his most recent challenge, Mr Sutcliffe described it as “tough, especially doing it through the winter months”. Whilst having no work as a personal trainer for the past few months, given the implications of Covid restrictions, Mr Sutcliffe has said that the time away from work has allowed him to “take some time and focus on my own fitness aspirations whilst trying to raise money for a worthy cause”.

Daily running, for over three months no less, is hardly an easy task. In spite of this, Mr Sutcliffe said he “would definitely recommend a daily running challenge” of any length to other people. “I’m a big believer in doing something you’ve never done before”. He then said:

“I’m extremely passionate about getting people moving and inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle. Our physical and mental health has never been more important. Overcoming big challenges are a welcome mindset boost and proving you can accomplish your goals gives you the self-confidence to keep coming back for more”.

Mr. Sutcliffe has his mind set on future goals that he would like to achieve, which is why he ended his daily running streak at day 100. Although it was pushed back to October, the Paris Marathon is a mission that he is keen to undertake. As well as this, he too said he has plans to do “the three National Peaks, cycling for 24 hours straight, and completing ten, 5k park runs in one day” in the near future.