STEVE Fawcett has cherished memories of his father’s 1960 Land Rover. Painted ‘fire engine red’ with stripes down the side, it was well known in the Keighley area, where the family lived.

When Allen died last year, Steve decided to try and track down the beloved family car and has appealed to T&A readers for help. “To be reunited with this car would mean the world to me,” said Steve. “Dad had it for most of my life, I’m desperate to see it again. I’ve been searching high and low.

“Dad was very well-known as he had a car repair garage in Riddlesden, Hall Terrace Garage, for about 35 years, and he had the Land Rover for all that time.

“He passed away on October 2, 2020 and because of this dreadful pandemic my mum and I weren’t allowed to see him for the last five weeks of his life. The car was sold about 18 -20 years ago I believe in the Bingley area, as I asked dad just before he passed. I said I was very fond of the car and would love to see it again.”

Steve loved the car as a child: “We went on a family holiday to Skegness in it, which must have taken hours and hours because it wasn’t very fast. We were one of the first to go over the Humber bridge!

“The car had moss growing in the door window runners. It was the local way for people to get down to Keighley in bad winters in the 1980s. It was funny watching people looking for the seat belt as the car was too old to have them. It was difficult to start if you didn’t know where Dad’s home-made immobilizer was. It was stolen twice and discovered in the local train station, as the thieves couldn’t get it started.

“The car had the registration 3030DP, which was sold to someone in Riddlesden. The registration is still local but I don’t know if the owner will have transfer details of the plate. The DVLA can’t help because of data protection. Sadly, this means I don’t know the new licence plate and it’s hard to find.

“The car was sold to someone in Bingley, near the Marks and Spencers petrol station. It was a 1960 Series 2 with a distinctive look. Dad painted it fire engine red and put stripes down the side, which at the time was very unusual. It had a dent to the left of the rear tub, the rear cross member had been cut out and because of things he was towing he added a steel girder. The front left bumper was straightened as it was hit while testing a stock car. I’m not sure if Dad’s car is still around, in disrepair or even scrapped. I think looking for it is my way of grieving. I would absolutely love for myself, my children and my mum to see the car.”

* Anyone who can help is asked to contact Steve at