THE Ministry of Justice are seeking further clarification on how a wedding, involving a Leeds drug boss, who is in prison for trafficking £120,000 worth of cocaine, was allowed to take place.

Benjamin Connor, 27, who is seven months into a six-year sentence, temporarily exited HMP Humber to marry Adele Hunter, 26.

It is understood two police officers drove Connor to Goole Register Office for the ceremony which lasted two hours.

Reports show the newly named Mrs Connor posted images online of the pair on their wedding day, where their two young children were part of a small number of guests allowed to attend.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “We are seeking further clarification on how the wedding was sanctioned and managed."

Last July, Mr Connor was arrested in Wakefield when he rammed into a police vehicle at a roundabout.

Driving the wrong way on a slip road, police eventually stopped him by crashing into his car.

Upon arrest, he was found carrying seven pounds of cocaine in a shoe box in his footwell.

Further to this, more drugs and £3,500 in cash were discovered at his south Leeds home.

Mr Connor admitted to possessing cocaine with intent to supply, having criminal property, and a driving charge.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: “The decision to allow this criminal out of prison to enjoy his wedding is completely outrageous.

"The whole point of being sent to prison is to have your freedoms taken away from you; and it is completely wrong of the prison governor to have allowed him to do this.

"If he had wanted to be free to enjoy his wedding he shouldn’t have committed the crime that got him sent to prison in the first place.

"It always seems that the rights of criminals come ahead of the rights of the law abiding people and victims of crime.”

With weddings already suffering a huge backlog, many are confused at why a criminal has been given priority.