THE latest data on the Covid-19 vaccination roll out in Bradford reveal that more than 85 per cent of over 50s have had at least one dose so far.

Published by NHS England, the figures count every vaccine administered up to April 4, with 160,258 people in the district aged 50 and over – 86.5 per cent of Bradford’s over 50 population.

For the over 60s, the figure now stands at 89.9 per cent, while for the whole population the figure is 225,402 – 48.5 per cent of the district’s adults.

On Wednesday, buildings in the Bradford district and Craven were lit up blue to mark reaching 250,000 vaccinations; in the Bradford District & Craven CCG area the figure now stands at 255,883 getting their first dose, and 49,151 have had their second dose.

The number of vaccinations administered in the past week was less than 6,000, down from 20,000 in the previous week.

Nationally the number of first vaccines given has fallen off massively since the beginning of April, which marries up with a letter sent to NHS leaders in mid-March warning of a significant reduction in supply from March 29, and the number of over 50s left to get the jab gets smaller by day with under 50s not allowed to get the jab yet.

However the number of second doses given has shot up; on April 4 only 48,055 first doses were given, but more than 400,000 second doses were received.

The Government still believes it is on track to hit its target of offering the vaccine to all people aged 50 and over by mid-April, protecting the people most at risk of death or serious illness from Covid-19.

In the Bradford district, the Shipley constituency continues to lead the way in vaccinations, with 92.1 per cent of over 50s vaccinated, ahead of Keighley where the figure is 89.4 per cent. In Shipley, almost 62 per cent of all adults have had at least one dose.

The vaccination figures in the district’s areas are:

  • Bradford East – 27,584 over 50s (81%), 41,154 total adults (41.3%)
  • Bradford South – 31.902 (86.8%), 45,464 (51.5%)
  • Bradford West – 23,813 (75.5%), 38,188 (35.4%)
  • Keighley – 37,475 (89.4%), 48,782 (57.3%)
  • Shipley – 39,484 (92.1%), 51,814 (61.7%)

The population figures are taken from the National Immunisation Management Service, which include every person registered with the NHS.