Yahoo Answers is being shut down, so for the sake of posterity we decided to answer some of the questions about Bradford that people were asking in the site's late-00s heyday.

Let's start with an easy one:

1. Bradford Telegraph and Argus: I am really confused with this friends, does anybody knows Bradford is in which county?

West Yorkshire. Next!

2. Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Nearest beach to Bradford?

Answers suggested on Yahoo when the question was first posed included Morecambe, Blackpool, Bridlington and Scarborough.

But the actual definitive answer is Southport Beach in Merseyside, 52.56 miles from central Bradford as the crow flies.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Are there any traditional curry restaurants in Bradford?

More than just a few. You're absolutely spoiled for choice, in fact, although as eating out is off the menu for a little while longer under Covid-19 restrictions you might want to stick with a takeaway - and you won't go far wrong with Neelam Balti House in Shipley, named Best Curry Takeaway by T&A readers last month.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: what can bradford city do to get back to the premiership?

Wow, how long have you got? Back when this question was originally asked, relegation from the top flight was still fresh in the memory for City - but long-suffering Bantams fans haven't been back since and the club's downward slide continued into League Two during the disastrous Edin Rahic regime. But at the time of writing, after a dramatic uptick in form, our chief sportswriter Simon Parker reckons promotion via the play-offs could be a possibility - and getting back into League One is certainly the first practical step needed for any return to the top tier.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: well i stay with richard he lives in bradford west york-shire and im from essex uk?

Borderline incomprehensible requests like this one were a big part of what made Yahoo Answers so compelling back in the day. We tossed a coin and it came up heads, so let's say yes, it's happily ever after for Richard and Anonymous. If either of you is reading this and wants to tell us how it really went down, feel free to get in touch.

6. Bradford Telegraph and Argus: need to find dominatrix dungeon in leeds bradford area can anyone help?

Pretty sure there must be an app for this in 2021, so we're not going near it. Next!

7. Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Gareth Gates - from Bradford?

Yes, Lisa. Yes he is. (For younger readers, Gareth was the runner-up in the first series of Pop Idol, which was a bit like The X Factor and oh god I'm so old.)


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Any one know where a cd with a track called up th manch can be found its about pubs on manchester rd Bradford?

Sticking with the musical theme, this was a rare example of Yahoo Answers providing useful information. The track, explained user 'Peter C', was not Up The Manch but 'Doing The Manch', a reference to a famous pub crawl from the days when Manchester Road had some 27 pubs. It was recorded by the folk group Cockersdale in 1988 and now, like seemingly every song ever recorded, has been uploaded to YouTube - you can enjoy it below.

9. Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Were the Bronte sisters racist; they lived in Bradford but never once mentioned the Pakistani community in their novels, despite Bradford being known for being a predominantly Asian community?

The Brontes never mentioned Bradford's Pakistani community for much the same reason Charles Dickens never wrote about Blockbuster Video. Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte lived and wrote in Haworth, just outside Bradford, in the 19th century, and wrote about the times they were living in. The nation of Pakistan was not created until 1947 and the earliest Pakistani migrants arrived in Bradford in the 1950s and 1960s, a century after the last of the Bronte sisters died.

However, this is not to say that their novels don't have some problematic racial elements to a modern eye - Tyrese L Coleman's essay on 'reading Jane Eyre while black' gives an eye-opening perspective.