PUB bosses across Bradford have questioned the practicality of using Covid passports and said they could create an "unnecessary obstacle"to gain entry into public houses.

Jimmy Greenwood, owner of the Hullabaloo on Westgate, Shipley, said: "In one respect, it's a good idea to monitor things, but what about people who don't want to be vaccinated , how do we say to these long-time customers that they can't come in?

"It's a very difficult situation when you want people to come and enjoy themselves but then tell them what they're not allowed to do.

"It's really sticky wicket. I would like to see guidance be transparent and easy to implement but I don't think that will happen.

"It's an unusual situation and there's never a right answer, so we'd have to deal with it as best as we can," said Mr Greenwood, who added that Hullabaloo will not be able to open on Monday as they await installation of an outdoor seating area.

"If they introduce vaccine passports it will create an unnecessary obstacle and make it difficult for premises," said Steve Holt, director of Kirkstall Brewery, which has five pubs in Bradford, Otley and Leeds.

"It will discriminate against people who haven't had the vaccine, through no fault of their own. It's not a practical solution at this point."

The brewery, which runs The Sparrow on North Parade and the Black Horse in Otley, will open the latter on Monday because it has outdoor seating but The Sparrow, because of its small size, will wait at least five weeks when restrictions could further be loosened.

Mr Holt said: "A lot of people have not had their vaccines yet, so we're awaiting what the Government does and we'll comply with what they say. Everything is workable but is it practical?

"Some pubs occasionally have to ask for proof of age, but vaccine passport could be more of an inconvenience for customers.

"You'll either got one or you haven't, so it could create an unnecessary obstacle for people who want to go out.

Mr Holt said that a lot of under 50s still have not had the vaccine.

"If introduced, it could bar a lot of young people from going out.

"The Government have done a good job of helping those at risk and the number of cases seems to be declining every week.

"The pubs have shouldered quite a burden and have had a long period of closure."

Another North Parade pub, the Record Cafe, is "holding fire" on re-opening, says owner Keith Wildman.

"We have no outdoor space and I believe the weather will be a factor as well, so I'm holding fire until I'm certain we can re-open without having to close."

Mr Wildman also said Covid passports could work "in theory" but he also questioned their practicality.

"A lot of the onus will be on bar staff to check these things and it could put people in a situation which could cause an argument.

"In theory it could help re-open things again but there are a lot of quirks that need ironing out.

"In principle, I'm not opposed to the idea as long as they have an easy way of doing it.

"There seems to be no right or wrong answer, so I'm inclined to wait it out."