AN area of Bradford has been labelled a 'absolute tip' due to its fly-tipping and littering problem.

One resident of Silverdale Road in West Bowling is furious at the way their neighbourhood have been treating the area.

Arnside Road and Parkside Road are also deemed to be victims of constant rubbish and furniture being dumped there.

"These streets where I live are just a tip," the resident said.

"There is often contaminated bins. People are putting general waste in recycle bins and vice versa which means the binmen refuse to take them, so they just get left.

"The consequence of that is there are rats, and it stinks. I have seen a rat come in and out of a garden.

"People are just throwing litter, cars regularly chuck their takeaways out.

"Gardens are an absolute tip, filled with dumped rubbish. They will put sofas, fridges, and empty boxes, which fly into the street when it's windy, in their garden and it is so unsightly.

"There is fly tipping regularly going on. On Raymond Street, mattresses were dumped there at the weekend, that is happening all the time.

"I look out of the window and see all that mess and it is just annoying. It is an environmental issue too, there is all the plastic and polystyrene. What happens to all that eventually?"

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “Bradford Council employs a range of measures to tackle illegal fly-tipping, including CCTV cameras to catch the culprits and seizing vehicles known to be involved.

“We have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to or prosecute through Magistrates’ and Crown courts fly-tippers and householders who allow their goods to be fly-tipped by rogue traders.

"If residents in the BD5 postcode area have concerns about litter and fly-tipping they should report them to Bradford Council.

“Wardens, clean teams and environmental enforcement officers will assess the area and work with the residents to help them.

“Through People Can and other volunteer initiatives Bradford Council regularly works with concerned residents to improve their environment with clean-ups and days of action.

“If rubbish is dumped on Bradford Council land, we will clear it up as soon as we can.

"Bradford Council is not responsible for removing rubbish from private land, but we will advise the landowner how to get rid of it and suggest ways to prevent a repeat.

“We also have the power to compel the landowner to remove fly-tipped rubbish.

“If you see fly-tipping taking place, please note down as many details as possible, including vehicle licence plate numbers and inform the Council.”

The T&A did visit the site yesterday and saw a Bradford Council van departing upon arrival.

Nevertheless, the resident thinks these short-term fixes do not stop the wider issue.

They added: "I don’t see enough action. I have been onto the council regularly about it. They do send people out to clear it up, but it is just an ongoing problem.

"They delivered me a volunteer kit; a jacket, some bin bags, and a litter picker. I am happy to pick up litter, but I haven’t got time to do it all.

"They need to stop the problem and have a crackdown. These people are dumping rubbish irresponsibly and they need to be told. Why should we have to live with that just because people decide they don’t care."