ALMOST 20,000 further people received the Covid-19 vaccine in Bradford in the last week of March, the latest NHS England figures reveal.

In thhe most recently published data to March 28, a total of 219,473 people in the district have now had at least one dose of the vaccine, 47.2 per cent of the population.

For the over 60s, the figure has risen slightly to 89.5 per cent, up one per cent from the week before. For people in their 50s, 75.8 per cent are now vaccinated, a rise of almost 14 per cent from the previous week's figures.

All over 50s and those who are clinically vulnerable can get the vaccine now, and the Government wants to have offered the vaccine to every person in these age groups by mid-April before allowing younger people to get the jab.

Bradford is still trailing behind the national average in every age group, but is continuing to make progress in the rollout thanks to the hard work of NHS staff and volunteers, and people working across the district's diverse neighbourhoods to encourage those hesitant about getting the jab to take up the offer.

Across the Bradford District & Craven Clinical Commissioning Group area, a total of 32,257 people have received their second dose and have full protection from Covid-19 - one in eight of all people who have had the jab in the area.

Across the district, the Shipley constituency continues to be the best performing area for vaccine uptake, with 94.2 per cent of over 60s having had the jab and 60 per cent of its total adult population.

It is followed by Keighley and then Bradford South, while rates of vaccination are improving in Bradford East and West they still trail behind by a considerable amount.

Here are the vaccination figures for each area of the district:

  • Bradford East - 9,977 people in their 50s vaccinated (70% of population), 17,026 people aged 60 and over vaccinated (86.3%), 39,820 total vaccinations (40%)
  • Bradford South - 11,452 (78.5%), 19,974 (90.1%), 44,340 (50.2%)
  • Bradford West - 8,299 (63%), 14,939 (81.4%), 36,872 (34.2%)
  • Keighley - 11,775 (81%), 25,208 (92%), 47,619 (56%)
  • Shipley -  12,672 (85.4%), 26,442 (94.2%), 50,822 (60.5%)

So far across the UK, 31.6 million people have received their first dose, 60 per cent of the total adult population, while 5.4 million have received their second dose, meaning ten per cent of the population's most vulnerable people have full protection against Covid-19.