A DERELICT pub on the edge of Bradford city centre could be demolished to make way for a retail and residential development.

The Red House on Barkerend Road has been shut for many years, and is currently said to be in a “state of disrepair.”

A new planning application has been submitted to Bradford Council calling for the demolition of the building and the construction of a development that would be made up of five shops and 16 flats.

Red House dates back to 1850, and was once one of the area’s most popular pubs.

But the pub, part of a terrace row of shops and houses, has been empty for many years, and plans to turn the building into shops and flats have previously been approved by Bradford Council.

However the latest application, by a Mr Pollard, says the building is in too poor a condition to refurbish, and instead proposes to demolish it and build an entirely new building on the site.

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The ground floor units will create 270 square metres of retail space - four opening onto Barkerend Road and another onto Garnett Street.

The residential part of the development will include eight two bed flats and eight one bed flats spread out over the two upper floors.

There will also be parking for four cars.

Located just outside of Bradford city centre, the Red House was at one point one of four pubs on a short stretch of Barkerend Road.

At various times during its long history the pub was owned by Halifax brewers Lupton and Charnock and Tetleys.

The new planning application says: “The buildings are currently vacant and are in a state of disrepair.

“The existing building is currently in very poor condition. There are exposed brick walls throughout and the roof structure is exposed and is not water tight. Extensive works are needed to repair the building structurally, which would require the roof, internal walls and floors to be removed.

“If left, the building would further deteriorate from exposure to weather and potentially become a dangerous structure.

“With this in mind and with various meetings with building contractors, it has been decided that it would be more feasible to demolish and start from a fresh.

“The advantages will be that there will be a higher quality finish both internally and externally.

“The proposed works will have positive impact on the street scene and add retail outlets to the area as well as jobs. Much needed affordable living accommodation will be provided for local residents.”

A decision on the application is expected in late June.