SIR - During my Thursday morning walk that incorporated some litter-picking, I was horrified, although not unduly surprised, to come across an assortment of cans, plastic bottles, take-away cans and even bags of dog poo deposited on the edge of the driveway leading from Roberts Park to Salts Sports club.

It's highly unlikely that the people guilty of this offence will be reading this letter. Is it beyond people to take their items of rubbish home with them as some actually make a habit of doing? Having also circulated Roberts Park, I couldn't help but notice the huge number of bags filling up a Bradford Council trailer such was the volume of items that had been left at various points within the park grounds.

The groundsman of Saltaire Cricket Club, who cares dutifully for the cricketing square and the outfield, is as saddened and dismayed as I am by the behaviour of some visitors to this World Heritage site who feel it is perfectly acceptable to leave a litter trail behind them.

As someone who lives in the area I, and possibly other residents, may be pleased that with colder weather forecast for the Easter weekend, this may mean there will be a reduction in the volume of traffic to this attractive location whereby one should not envisage the same amount of irresponsible littering that was witnessed over two exceptionally warm March days.

Stephen Hetherington, Thirlmere Grove, Baildon