SIR - Watching football on TV with no crowds is a dry, soulless undertaking.

For a long time the life has dripped out of football making it an increasingly anemic spectacle. All seater stadia, fielding weaker teams in cups, not celebrating when you score against your old team, game management, VAR, and now empty stands. Watching games that no one can attend removes any sense of occasion. And reaching a cup final is almost pointless.

Attending was always the best thing. I remember the first crowd roar on approach. The ticking sound of the turnstile. The newspaper callers. The smell of tobacco, alcohol and Bovril. The sway of the crowd. The anticipation of a match while listening to a brass band. There was also something we used to call seeing people. When Zoom was a song by Fat Larry's Band and 'streaming' was only ever seen in the gents.

Some of the changes were unavoidable. Some were for the better. Far less idiots with their stupid racist chants and more family friendly areas. And much better facilities. But we need to get the crowds back soon or the game could die!

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon