TRANSGENDER Day of Visibility has been marked in Bradford today with the flying the Transgender flag at Centenary Square.

Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual event dedicated to celebrating transgender people and their contributions and achievements, as well as raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people around the world.

Paul Hunt, joint chair of Bradford Council’s LGBTQ+ staff network, said: “Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated each year to raise awareness about transgender people. As a society we need to challenge transphobia and importantly we need to listen and ensure the Trans community is valued, and that transgender people are at the centre of decisions that affect their lives.”

A key part of the day is also about amplifying important Trans voices within the community.

Dr. Jack Lopez, Associate Dean and lecturer at the University of Bradford, said: “My pronouns are they/he and I am a non-binary transgender man.

“Trans day of visibility can be a double edge sword for many people in our community. On the one hand it is an opportunity to say 'hi, I'm here' and on the other it comes with a risk of abuse by simply being visible in a world that is often confused about our very existence. 

“I choose to be visible because I can and because unfortunately there are still many Trans adults, young people and children who cannot make themselves be seen. I'm being visible today because I want to represent my community and let people know that I'm here and it's all good. 

“Trans people matter and it's good to get to know us.”

Bradford Council supports transgender staff with a Trans Equality and Gender Identity Policy, which seeks to support transgender colleagues in their working life at the council, and provides advice to all managers and staff around how to support a colleague who is transgender.

Kersten England, Chief Executive of Bradford Council, added: “We want everyone in our district to be valued for who they are, so promoting inclusion, equalities and diversity have to be at the forefront of what we do.

“Transgender Day of Visibility provides us with the opportunity to not only celebrate the contributions that Trans people have made to our society and district, but also think seriously about what needs to be done to eradicate the discrimination still faced by the Trans community worldwide.”