SIR - I think most people would agree that a through city centre station as part of Northern Powerhouse Rail is absolutely essential to the future prosperity of Bradford (T&A, March 23).

The proposed site for this station is where St James's Wholesale Market currently exists on Essex Street, although I note that no decision has yet been made on the route of the rail line.

One of my concerns about this location is whether it can ever be viewed as "city centre", which is surely a hugely important factor. That site is across the Inner Ring Road off Wakefield Road and not greatly accessible at all.

Indeed, go back many years to when the Great Northern Railway had its terminus station on Adolphus Street. They soon realised that this was not central enough and had to join in with the Lancashire & Yorkshire station - Bradford Exchange.

Consider then that Adolphus Street is somewhat nearer the city centre than is Essex Street. Food for thought?

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon