SIR - The city and citizens of Bradford should be grateful that only a comparatively small number of people showed up to this rally in order to protest about matters such as face-mask wearing or lockdown measures.

I say this as reporting of the event has suggested that it was organised by a group that calls itself: 'The North Unites'. How long has this organisation been in existence and who are its leaders? Perhaps in the coming days or weeks a group calling themselves 'The South Unites' are going to be converging in large numbers on the capital city made up of people from the Home Counties and beyond?

I dare not contemplate how the over-run police would have coped if armies of people had journeyed to Bradford from such great Northern cities as Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester; not something I want to dwell upon!

I am in support of the Council leader in praising the actions and conduct of the police in what appeared to be a very challenging and extreme set of circumstances.

I for one do not want to see Bradford suffer in the way the city of Bristol has in the last few weeks due to the actions of a core group of people intent on causing criminal damage and the intimidation of police officers. And this at a time when the nation is desperately wanting to return to something like a 'normal' life.

Stephen Hetherington, Thirlmere Grove Baildon