MORE than 200,000 people in Bradford have now had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the latest NHS figures have revealed.

The statistics, which date up to March 21, reveal that 200,350 people have now had at least one jab in the district, 43 per cent of the total adult population and a rise of 25,000 from last week.

For the over 60s, the number who have had their first jab has risen by two per cent, now standing at 88.5 per cent.

People in their 50s have only been eligible for the vaccine for two or three weeks, but so far 61.9 per cent have had the jab.

In the Bradford District and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group area, which has a slightly bigger population as it includes Skipton and the rest of Craven, 16,582 people have had both their first and second vaccines so far, and have full protection.

For the over 60s, the figure is 11,006, for people in their 50s 2,128, and those under 50 - which includes frontline healthcare workers and people classed as clinically vulnerable - it is 3,448.

While Bradford continues to make steady progress in the vaccine rollout, the district is still trailing behind the national average.

Across England, 90.5 per cent of over 60s have had the jab, while two thirds of people in their 50s have been vaccinated.

These figures trail slightly behind the most up to date national figures which are published daily, and as of Tuesday more than 28.6 million people have had their first dose, more than 50 per cent of the UK adult population, and 2.5 million have received their second dose and have full protection.

Around Bradford, the Shipley constituency continues to lead the district on vaccinations, with 56.7 per cent of its population vaccinated, including 93.7 per cent of over 60s and 72.3 per cent of people in their 50s.

It is followed by Keighley, which has also vaccinated more than half (50.5 per cent) of its population, and then by Bradford South with 45.4 per cent. Bradford West continues to have the lowest vaccine uptake at 30.8 per cent, and Bradford East is only six per cent better.

The vaccination figures for each constituency are:

  • Bradford East: Over 60s - 84.9%, 50s - 58.1%, total - 36.6%
  • Bradford South: Over 60s - 89.2%, 50s - 64.6%, total - 45.4%
  • Bradford West: Over 60s - 79.9%, 50s - 52.1%, total - 30.8%
  • Keighley: Over 60s - 90.9%, 50s - 61.3%, total - 50.5%
  • Shipley: Over 60s - 93.7%, 50s - 72.3%, total - 56.7%