SIR - It saddens me to see the level to which Boris Johnson and his band of yes men will sink in order to remain ''popular'' with the British public.

They're clinging desperately to the popular Brexit voters who are either still hopeful of a good outcome or too embarrassed to admit that the whole venture was doomed to failure.

The use of the British flag as a source of national pride has been hijacked by right wing nationalists, as a banner for their ideals. It is now the case that any dissent against the government is portrayed as anti-British and unpatriotic, whilst outrageous policies to increase our nuclear capability are employed as a sign of strong rather than intelligent government.

Threats, unworkable as they are, to send asylum seekers to off-shore camps are merely pandering to the populus views on immigration, created by a right wing government and media. Once it becomes a binary choice of ''with us or against us'', we are in very dangerous waters.

Beware of what you wish (and vote) for, because all the signs are there that we're sleepwalking into a form of fascism lite that could easily evolve into something far more serious.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford