A FURTHER 15,000 people in the Bradford district have been vaccinated in the past week, as 86.5 per cent of over 60s have now had the jab.

In the district, more than 2,000 people a day had the jab last week, meaning 100,310 people aged 60 and over had received at least their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by March 14, with the total number of people vaccinated now sitting at 175,276.

This means that 37.7 per cent of adults in the Bradford district have now had at least one jab. All over 50s are now eligible to get their vaccine, and many are now beginning to be eligible for their second doses.

For the over 80s, the number having had the jab has risen by 0.4 per cent to 92.2 per cent, for the over 70s it’s a 0.5 per cent increase to 91.9 per cent, and for over 60s the figure has risen 6.4 per cent to 79.9 per cent.

The figure for over 60s having had a jab in the Bradford District & Craven Clinical Commissioning Group area is slightly higher, at 116,770, while the number who have had both doses and are now fully vaccinated stands at 11,871.

Just 8,708 over 55s have had both jabs, but this number should begin to rise dramatically as more people approached the 11 to 12 week point since their first dose.

The constituency which has seen the highest percentage of its over 60s vaccinated is Shipley, where 92.3 per cent have had a jab, followed by Bradford South where the figure is 87.9 per cent and Keighley with 87.8 per cent.

In Bradford East 83 per cent have had a jab, while Bradford West continues to trail behind with 78 per cent vaccinated.

Shipley also has the highest total number of vaccines, with almost half of adults – 49.6 per cent – vaccinated. It’s followed by Keighley at 42.8 per cent, Bradford South at 40.1 per cent, Bradford East with 32.4 per cent and Bradford West on 27.5 per cent.