SIR - Councillors on Bradford Council's Regulatory and Appeals Committee have given retrospective approval for a mosque on Beacon Road that had been operating for three years, having been wrongly told by the Council that it didn't need planning permission (T&A, March 12).

In that time it has caused continued concerns for nearby residents, particularly over parking, irregular opening hours and noise.

Just because the Council had made a mistake was surely no reason to give approval for something seemingly not acceptable in that location. Perhaps the Council should have made a compensation payment instead.

It then appeared (rightly or wrongly) that the decision could have been made on religious grounds with the three Asian councillors on the Panel all giving approval. There was one other councillor voting against, and two abstaining, making one wonder why they are on the Panel at all if they are unable to make a decision.

This is yet another example of why so many have a downbeat view of our city.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon