A BRADFORD Bulls scholar and his dad have been running 5k every day in the lead up to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21 to help raise funds for two charities which have supported their sister/daughter since her birth.

Wakefield and District Down's Syndrome Support Group and Positive About Down Syndrome have been their every step of the way to support the Gill family since Phoebe, 3, was born.

Each year Jamie, 15, tries to raise awareness of the condition by doing a challenge.

Nick Gill said: "Jamie has got three younger brothers and his sister. They have all thrown themselves into these challenges.

"My wife Danielle is also doing Makaton videos every day. Pheobe has learned it through singing songs.

"We didn’t know our daughter had Down Syndrome until she was born so it was a bit of a surprise. There was a lot of negativity around it.

"It has changed our whole life for the positive. If anything, it has brought us closer together as a family.

"Everybody said when she was born, 'we are really sorry to hear...', especially the hospital staff. We were like, why? She is perfectly healthy, she is just going to take a bit longer with some of her learning milestones.

"She is a little girl; who just happens to have Down Syndrome. She is no different to anybody else."