TWO Bradford audiologists have launched a professional earwax removal service following a spike in demand.

The audiology teams at Specsavers in Keighley and The Broadway have been trained to professionally remove excess ear wax which may be causing discomfort or difficulty hearing.

Audiology director Fraz Hussain said: "Amazingly, our ears self-clean and wax helps to maintain the health of our ears.

"But problems can arise when items, such as cotton buds or ear plugs, are inserted into the ear.

"This interferes with our natural cleaning process and pushes wax and debris further into the ear, which can cause build-up or a blockage of the ear canal.

"Issues can also occur after an ear infection too.

"Since lockdown began last year, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for wax removal, possibly caused by people spending more time with their families and noticing that their hearing isn’t as clear as it could be."

In line with NHS recommendations, Specsavers colleagues use protective measures such as PPE, face masks and regularly sanitising equipment and frames are thoroughly sanitised before and after each use.

People can book an appointment by visiting

The new service comes after Specsavers research found that two thirds of Brits risk permanent damage to their hearing by attempting to remove earwax themselves using tools like cotton buds, pencils, hair grips and match sticks.

Fraz advises that all these items should be avoided as not only can they make matters worse but they can lead to serious and possibly permanent damage to your hearing.

He added: "Usually your body will produce enough earwax to maintain ear health but sometimes this wax can become hard or impacted, which can lead to problems such as hearing loss or discomfort.

"The golden rule is never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear."