SIR - With bandwagon jumping fast becoming a sport of Olympic proportions, politicians, press and public are having a field day criticising Cressida Dick. All seem to have forgotten that she was acting in response to a High Court ruling; that the gathering was unlawful under anti-Covid legislation and that the gathering had been infiltrated by troublemakers bent on causing mischief.

Such shocking events are sadly routine for the police so Ms Dick’s critics should not expect special treatment simply because this was and is a high-profile case. I would then ask how the vast array of what she describes as armchair critics could face for a day what policemen and women have to face every day.

And finally they might like to reflect on the words of Julius Caesar after he was criticised in Rome for abandoning the invasion of Insula Britannica in 55BC: ‘sine experientia, non est intellectus’ - Without experience there is no understanding !

Brian Holmans, Langley Road, Bingley