SIR - Upon venturing out for my walk this morning, I found it an absolute delight to see so many children returning to school after such a long time away from their educational setting. During the past few months it has been somewhat eerie seeing so little life within the immediate area with the school being either fully or partially closed since January 4. I have become accustomed to seeing throngs of students when travelling daily to and from Shipley via Roberts Park and Saltaire village on my bike.

The children and young people in our schools and colleges may go on to be future leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers or creative artists in this nation and beyond. They should not be stigmatised or labelled as the Covid-19 generation. Many have experienced distinct struggles in the past year that have seriously dented their confidence levels and aspirations for the future. I have no doubt that the staff team at Titus Salt School and in schools both locally and nationally are determined and fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in looking after and meeting the needs of each and every student in their care.

Best wishes to the staff and students alike for the rest of the school year.

Stephen Hetherington, Thirlmere Grove, Baildon