THE latest vaccination figures have revealed that 89 per cent of all over 65s in the Bradford district have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The NHS England statistics show more than 76,000 pensioners have now had their vaccine, and in total almost 160,000 people have been vaccinated, more than a third of the district's total adult population.

This percentage is the lowest locally, trailing Kirklees with 92.5 per cent, Leeds with 91.8 per cent, and Calderdale with 90.8 per cent, and trails the national average which stands at 91.3 per cent.

Of the over 80s, 91.8 per cent have had a dose, with 91.4 per cent of people in their 70s and 73.5 per cent of people in their 60s having been vaccinated as of March 7.

The figures also reveal how many people in care homes have received their Covid-19 vaccine so far in Bradford.

Of residents, 93.6 per cent are vaccinated so far, the joint highest figure in West Yorkshire, while 73.9 per cent of staff have had the jab, the highest  in the county.

For social care staff, 62.8 per cent of those in independent younger adult care homes are vaccinated, while 61.6 per cent of independent at-home care staff have had the jab.

For Bradford Council employed social care staff and non-registered providers, 100 per cent of staff have been vaccinated.

The Shipley constituency has seen the highest percentage of over 65s vaccinated with 94.1 per cent having had the jab, with 45 per cent of the total population vaccinated.

It's followed by Bradford South with 90.3 per cent of over 65s and 36.1 per cent of total population, and Keighley with 90 per cent of pensioners and 39.5 per cent of all people.

In Bradford East 85.6 per cent of pensioners have had the jab, and 29.6 per cent of all people have had a jab, while in Bradford West 81.1 per cent of over 65s have been vaccinated, and one quarter of the constituency's population.