SIR - Re your article (T&A March 9) concerning Bradford Council for Mosques' decision to set up a separate Community Interest Company to deliver £200,000 worth of Covid communications. This deserves far greater explanation.

Notably, the two main directors appear to have several directorships each but what qualifies them for the work the money is presumably intended for? Your article goes on: 'Jenny Cryer, assistant director to the office of the chief executive, Urban Reach was one of three companies commissioned to deliver Covid communications. When asked who they were Ms Cryer said she was unable to say.' Really?

Your article continues with a statement: 'The work of Urban Reach has received local, national and international coverage and has been highlighted as an exemplary model for Covid communications by the Cabinet Office and councils across the country.'

It was only set up six months ago! What kind of Banana Republic would operate like this by doling out public money to organisations clearly set up on a whim?

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Bradford