SIR - Firstly, I would condemn anyone who has made racist remarks about Meghan, as she claims in that interview. But why people say she's black is another question, she clearly isn't. I also acknowledge how difficult it must be to join a foreign royal family.

In my view however, Meghan herself has made racist comments. At a university in England in 2019 she said: "We need to rid our education system of male, pale and stale influences". Sexist, racist and ageist! ALL discriminatory language should be stopped.

One of her biggest mistakes as a high profile royal was publicly expressing political opinions which is against the royal code. And the royal couple have both continuously lectured us on these matters.

It was partly the media's fault. They kept telling us that it is good that Harry and Meghan are a progressive royal couple and we have a feminist royal family member. What if you don't agree with all that? They're supposed to be politically neutral.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon