CHRIS Kamara and Jimmy Bullard took on a football-themed challenge with a twist – putting their ball control skills to the test using not their feet, but the world’s first connected pressure washer.

Global cleaning firm Kärcher have launched the next generation of pressure washers for 2021, which includes Smart Control Technology and a new app that allows users to set up their machines, and even control the pressure, from their Smartphone.

With brighter spring days ahead, many people will soon be turning to DIY and cleaning in their gardens for entertainment and the hope of having visitors in the garden soon.

In the first lockdown Kärcher saw a 44 per cent increase in pressure washer sales (year on year during the same period) as Brits played their part by staying at home, and cleaning their gardens.

Former Bradford City player and manager Kammy, who has been spending lockdown with his family in Wakefield and took on the challenge in his back garden, said: “We’ve all had a lot more time on our hands in the past year, and it’s been nice to spend much more time at home with my family.

“Me and my sons tackled so many DIY and cleaning jobs in the garden and stables when I wasn’t working, and now Spring is here we’ll be doing them all again.”

Kärcher have introduced the new Smart technology to its iconic yellow K 7 and K 5 pressure washers following research that found customers wanted to better understand their machines and how to get the most out of them in their daily lives.

Users are able to see how time they have saved, how much water they have saved compared to using a hose and which settings they have used the most.