SIR - Your headlines said it all about the ignorance of some people to the severity of the current pandemic and the total disregard for people's safety and downright abuse of the laws brought in to keep people safe.

It beggars belief that these people can gather like it's a lazy Sunday evening to eat take-away and smoke shisha, get caught doing so and are slapped with a £200 fine for breaking Covid rules. So 10 x £200 = £2,000. How much did the police operation and subsequent paperwork and administration costs come to? I'd imagine more than £2,000!

I firmly believe we're nearing the final furlong in the fight against Covid and if mindless disregard is given to the rules we could easily be drawn back into another lockdown further down the line, so please, think before you act irresponsibly like these individuals did.

Together we can win this battle and win it we must. Buy a takeaway and drive home with it. When the pandemic has been defeated you can smoke shisha and gorge yourselves on kebabs/burgers to your heart's content, but play by the rules for us all, just for a little while longer.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Laisterdyke