CAPTAIN Sir Tom Moore’s family have left Bedford Crematorium following the conclusion of his funeral, which ended with The Last Post played by Alex Browne of the Yorkshire Regiment Band.

The Yorkshire Regiment, some of whom acted as pall bearers for Sir Tom, have also marched from the site.

In the final words of her eulogy to her father, Captain Tom's daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore said: “We are so proud of the way you handled everything that happened, we had been so close as a family before this but we were thrust even closer together as the world became enthralled by your spirit of hope, positivity and resilience.

“They, too, saw your belief in kindness and the fundamental goodness of the human spirit.”

She continued: “You are not a man in the habit of sharing your inner feelings but this time together evoked an honesty between us that felt as magical as you becoming a beacon of light and hope to the world.

“You are the fabric of our life and home, every cupboard that we open, each door that we go through, you are there.”

She added: “The loss of you is a dull physical ache for me, but the power of the love you left us with allows us to stay strong.

“Our relationship cannot be broken by death, you will be with me always”.