YOUNG people from the Bradford district have worked with doctors and health professional to produce a short film that will answer people’s questions on the Covid-19 vaccine.

The film was devised and produced by the district’s Young Covid Ambassadors, a group of young people brought together as part of the district’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Ambassadors worked with other young people to pull together the most common questions about the vaccine and sought answers to these from local health professionals.

Some of the questions the health experts took on were: How does the vaccine work? Does the vaccine contain a microchip? How long does immunity last after having the vaccine? Can you still transmit the virus after being vaccinated? And will there always be different variants of the virus?

The film will be used by many organisations across the Bradford District including schools, HNS services, youth and voluntary services as well as through the Council’s social media platforms.

Cain Lewis, who coordinated the project, said: "We made this film as we know there are many young people who have questions about the vaccine. It is not just about myth busting or telling people what to do, it is about connecting people directly with the experts.

"These are questions lots of people have and the film is a space to ask some of those directly. We hope the answers gives people information so they can feel reassured and make an informed decision about the vaccine.

“It was so important for us that the people involved were from a wide range of backgrounds White, Black, Asian, EU and LGBTQ+ so that people can relate to one another."

Dr Amir Khan, a GP at The Ridge Medical Practice in Bradford, said: “I hope the film will help to increase confidence in the vaccine across the city and encourage people in ever-increasing numbers to go for the jab.

"It’s vital that everyone has the opportunity to discuss any fears or mis-information they may have heard so if you have any concerns or questions, please speak to a healthcare professional about them.

"The vaccine offers us the very best way of protecting ourselves and our loved ones. When it’s your turn, please take up the offer and get vaccinated.”

Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s portfolio holder for healthy people and places, said: “It’s really fantastic that so many young people have stepped up to produce this film and I want to thank them and all the health professionals involved. It shows great initiative and leadership on their part.

"The film explains in really simple terms answers to many of the basic questions that people have. It’s a great way to get across important messages about the vaccine.”

The full film is available at