THIS is the horrendous fly-tipped mess blighting part of the Holme Wood estate, with one resident branding it “diabolical”. 

Piles of rubbish have been dumped across the grassed area, off Melcombe Walk, with nearby homes looking out onto the unsightly mass of dumped rubbish.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

These shocking pictures show the scale of the problem, which the Telegraph & Argus reported on in early January.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s just a disgrace. It’s diabolical.

“I think it should be cleaned up. If I did want to sell my house, I know I would not get the full price. It’s like being in prison, looking at that. They are so used to doing it - and nothing has been done about it - it’s becoming common practice. It’s becoming the local dumping ground.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Matt Edwards, from the Bradford Green Party, added: “I am genuinely shocked with how badly this has been handled by Bradford Council. 

“This was reported to them four months ago. This area is a known fly-tipping hotspot and there has not been anything done about this appalling mess. The majority of people living nearby are having their lives being made miserable by a very small number of selfish people who are trying to make a living off collecting waste and dumping it on land that everyone should be able to enjoy.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"Yes fly tipping is a national problem but Bradford Council need to stop passing the buck, get this cleared now and actually start trying to make life difficult for the people doing it.” 

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said it has been working with residents in the area “for some time” to try and solve the problem and the rubbish would be removed next week.

They added: “The Council has responded to all complaints and arrangements have been made in the past to remove the waste as soon as possible. All incidents of fly-tipping are investigated by Bradford Council to try and identify anything among the rubbish which can indicate its source so we can take action. 

“A number of multi-agency approaches involving various Council departments have previously been implemented.

"Neighbourhood Wardens regularly visit homes and distribute leaflets advising residents on how to legally dispose of their waste and the ramifications of fly-tipping waste.

"We also carry out regular media and social media campaigns to raise awareness and let the public know how to use Household Waste Recycling Centres or the Council’s bulky waste collection service.

"Neighbourhood Wardens will continue to proactively work in the area, attempt to identify offenders if evidence is found, continue to engage and closely work with the local community to remedy the waste issues. If residents have helpful suggestions they would be happy to hear them.We also need people to help us in our battle against this menace.

“If you see fly-tipping taking place, please note down as many details as possible, including vehicle licence plate numbers and inform the Council.” 

In February, the Council’s decision-making Executive approved spending £300,000 to boost the district’s efforts to stop fly tipping, with extra funding for a wider roll-out of CCTV cameras in fly-tipping ‘hot spots’ and making sites more secure.

Fly-tipping can be reported on 01274 431000 or via at