DOZENS of people have objected to proposals to install traffic calming measures on a Bradford street.

Bradford Council has proposed to install speed plateaus, speed cushions a new traffic island and hatching installed along the length of Hollingwood Lane - which links Great Horton Road and Clayton Road.

The authority says a recent survey of traffic on the street found that a third of vehicles broke the speed limit while travelling down the street.

A public consultation on the plans took place last month.

Several people have objected, and a petition has been sent by Bradford Council calling for the scheme to be scrapped.

Some objectors claimed there was not a problem with speeding on the street, and that the measures could damage cars

Others said speed cameras would be a better means of controlling traffic speed.

Objections to planned traffic island and double yellow lines at section of Great Horton Road

One objector criticised the plans, saying the traffic calming would force vehicles to slow down.

The Council's Bradford South Area Committee will decide whether the move ahead with the £40,000 scheme at a meeting on Thursday.

A report to the committee says one resident had suggested that if the road did not qualify for speed cameras then "dummy cameras" could be installed to trick motorists into slowing down.

But the report says: "Unfortunately the council will not be authorising the installation of dummy speed cameras on the highway. This would soon be apparent to local users who use the route daily and eventually would have no affect on travelling speeds."

The Committee meets online at 5pm on Thursday.