THE Prime Minister has revealed his 'roadmap out of lockdown' which features four "no earlier than" dates for when different parts of society will reopen.

Split over five week periods, the dates provide an absolute earliest point at which certain sections of the economy and society can resume as we move out of lockdown.

Alongside the unlocking will be four reviews which aim to help the country reopen.

Boris Johnson announced the road map in the House of Commons.

Step 1 (Part 1) - March 8

- All students in all schools and further education settings can return on March 8, with twice weekly testing of pupils.

- Breakfast and after school clubs can also restart, and also children's sport.

- University students requring practical modules can also resume.

- People can also meet one other person outside "for recreation", as well as exercise.

- Every care home resident can nominate one visitor to come see them, as long as they are regularly tested and wear PPE.

Step 1 (Part 2) - March 29

- Rule of six will return outdoors including in gardens, and also the meeting of two households.

- Outdoor sports facilities like tennis and basketball can reopen and organised recreational outdoor sport can also resume.

- People are still being asked not to travel unnecessary distances.

Step 2 - April 12

- Non-essential retail will reopen, including hairdressers and nail salons.

- Self catering holiday lets and gyms will also reopen.

- Pubs and restaurants to open outdoors, and there will be no curfews and no scotch-egg debate as there's no need for a meal accompanying alcohol.

- Libraries and community centres can also reopen.

- Weddings and similar ceremonies can have up to 15 guests

Step 3 - May 17

- Outdoor meetings limit increased to 30.

- Rule of six on indoor meeting and two households. 

- Pubs and restaurants to open indoors.

- Cinemas, children's play areas, hotels, theatres and concert halls, sports grounds will also all reopen dependent on capacity.

- Organised indoor sport returns.

- Also running larger scale test events.

- Wedding and similar ceremonies increases from 15 to 30 guests.

Step 4 - June 21

- Aiming to remove all legal limits on social contact and on weddings and other similar events.

- Hopefully nightclubs and large events will reopen

- Details in Step 4 will depend on four reviews.

The four reviews

  1. How long to maintain social distancing and face masks, working from home should remain until this has taken place.
  2. Bringing back international travel; this report will be done by April 12 so people can plan for the summer.
  3. Role of Covid status certification to allow businesses to open safely.
  4. The safe return of major events.