LATER today the Prime Minister will lay out his roadmap out of lockdown, with restrictions being eased gradually to allow life to get back to normal.

For the past 12 months we've been unable to do so many of the things we love and have taken for granted in the past, and this roadmap is expected to pave the way for the good times to return.

The unlocking will be gradual, paying attention to Covid-19 infection rates, hospitalisations and the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine at all times to avoid any need for a Lockdown 4.0.

But if all goes to plan, these are the ten things we're most looking forward to doing once restrictions are lifted.

  1. Seeing family and friends - For months we've been unable to see extended family, limited only to the people we live with and our social bubble of one other household. From the end of March the Rule of Six is expected to return meaning we can meet up outside and in gardens and see the faces of our loved ones again, and if all goes to plan hopefully social-distancing will be a thing of the past by the end of the summer.
  2. Getting a haircut - Taken for granted for so long, subsequent lockdowns have resulted in some unruly manes and some horrendous DIY hairdos. It is looking like mid-April when - along with non-essential shops - hairdressers may reopen meaning we can get our fades, roots, split ends sorted. Nail bars and other cosmetics may also reopen at this time.
  3. Going to the pub or restaurant - The post-work pint, the drinks with friends, the big Saturday night out, the birthday meal; these have all ceased to exist for the past year. By mid-April it's hoped outdoor service can begin, with indoor service later in the summer, meaning going out for food and drink will soon be back on the menu.
  4. Going to watch the Bantams/Bulls/Avenue/Cougars - while some crowds were allowed back in December at sports grounds, Bradford missed out due to the infection rate in the district. It's looking like the end of the summer before crowds can return, but it will bring a massive boost for fans to be back on the terraces cheering their team, the players being spurred on by support, and the clubs getting some much needed income from the turnstiles once again. Oh, and don't forget the away days!
  5. The return of gym and exercise classes - The gym is a haven for so many, to keep fit, lose weight, build muscle, fight inner demons and to socialise, and are being missed massively by so many. Mid-April seems to be the target date for their return, and we can't wait to get back to pumping iron, spin classes, yoga, Zumba, boxing and many more.
  6. Playing sport again - Sport is an intrinsic part of so many people's lives, to keep fit, keep up with friends and share the sense of community you only get at your local grassroots club. From the end of March outdoor sport can resume so hopefully it's only a matter of time before amateur cricket, rugby league and union, football, running races and more are back.
  7. Going on holiday - While foreign breaks are looking like they are still beyond the horizon, UK-based breaks could be on the cards as soon as Easter, it's been reported. Holidays by the seaside or in the Lake District are a lovely break from daily life and a way to spend quality time with family - even with the famously unreliable Great British weather!
  8. Getting back into the office - For many lockdown hasn't had an impact on their work, still out working on building sites, keeping supermarkets running smoothly, delivering our shopping and working on the frontline. But for many this has now been almost a year of working from home, furlough or a combination of both. While replacing the daily commute with an extra hour in bed has been nice, it's getting pretty boring sitting in the spare room on our own for nine hours a day, and we miss the office chat, banter, atmosphere and seeing our work colleagues.
  9. Going to the shops - Yes, online shopping is convenient and easier than ever, but for so many browing the shelves and spending a full day with friends shopping 'til you drop is a lot of fun. Weekly trips to the supermarket don't really cut it, so when shops reopen in the Spring we're looking forward to giving the high street thre boost it sorely needs.
  10. Going on a night out - Nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, bars have all been affected by lockdown. These settings are all set to open at different times, but whatever your idea of a perfect Saturday night out is, hopefully soon it will be back and you can go out dancing, tucking into popcorn or singing along to your favourite showtunes.


Have we missed anything out? Let us know what you're looking forward to doing again the most in the comments.