BRADFORDIANS have been sharing what they are most looking forward to being able to do again this summer, as lockdown is eased.

The Prime Minister will lay out this afternoon his plan for lifting restrictions in his roadmap out of lockdown.

It includes reopening schools on March 8, and allowing people to meet outdoor in groups of six to socialise, and for outdoor sports to resume, on March 29.

The roadmap will also provide details of when non-essential shops, gyms, pubs and restaurants can reopen (rumoured to be mid-April), when indoor mixing can happen and when larger scale events such as weddings and having crowds at sports fixtures can return (late summer).

This morning, Telegraph & Argus readers have been sharing what they are most looking forward to doing, ranging from seeing family to going out for meals. Some people are also actually looking forward to going back to work!

Jennifer Rhodes said: "I'd love to be able to celebrate my 40th with my family, but from the looks of things I won't be able to.

"However I'd rather be alive to celebrate future birthdays so whilst disappointing, it's for my own good (and everyone else's)."

Linda Gledstone added: "Just a bit of normality, not expecting too much; children going back to school, shops, resturants, pubs and family time looking like April."

Michelle Wood said: "Going back to work so I can earn a living would be a good start."

Paul Jowett agreed, adding: "[To] get out and do my job!"

Tonya Shaw listed: "Seeing family, being able to do indoor exercise classes, going out for a meal, travel without restrictions, not having to wear a mask."

Cilla Teresa said: "Kids being kids again, and seeing our family."

And Leanne Earle-wright summarised concisely how so many of us have felt over the past 12 months with home working, furlough and the stay at home rules.

She said: "To actually go back to a but of normality instead of feeling like a zombie."

Whether it be seeing the grandkids, going to the pub, getting your nails done, going to cheer on your beloved Bulls, let us know what you are most looking forward to doing post-lockdown in the comments below