VACCINES minister Nadhim Zahawi has revealed some dates that will be included in the Prime Minister's Covid-19 roadmap announcement later today.

Speaking this morning Mr Zahawi confirmed schools will go back on March 8, and also revealed some other dates for unlocking, as evidence pointed in the right direction.

He said: “Suffice to say the evidence looks good, the Oxford team demonstrated their own evidence of cutting transmission by two thirds.

“We wouldn’t be in this place this morning to be able to say that we’re going to reopen schools on March 8, and of course, as the school holidays begin on March 29, we will look at the rule of six and two families being (able) to see each other outdoors, if we’re not confident that actually the vaccine programme is beginning to really bear fruit.

 “As long as it’s outdoors, and it is two families, or the rule of six, then that is what will be permitted if the four tests continue to be delivered upon.

"At the moment, the focus is very much on the steady as she goes. Outdoor versus indoor, priority being children in schools, second priority is obviously allowing two people on March 8 to meet outside for a coffee to address some of the issues around loneliness and of course mental health as well.

“And then the 29th is two families or rule of six coming together and outdoor sporting activities as well. Outdoor sports – tennis, golf, outdoor organised team sports – will go back on March 29.”

Mr Zahawi also reaffirmed that the Government will be guided by science at all times during the vaccine rollout.

He added: “The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) are looking at that and we will absolutely follow what they recommend.

“The recommendation for phase one has been correct because it’s based on clinical assessment of who is most vulnerable to be hospitalised or have serious infection and sadly death in some cases.

“So we’ll go back to the JCVI and they will make that recommendation and we will follow that recommendation."