PLANS to open an alpaca trekking centre, where people will be able to take part in a number of "alpaca related activities" have been submitted to Bradford Council.

If approved the business would be based on a rural site behind Luis Court - on the edge of Baildon Moor.

Submitted by Danielle Smith of Altreka, the venture would allow customers to take the animals out on walks around the moors. The application says an animal shelter and reception office would be based on the site.

Although many have written to Bradford Council supporting the application, other Baildon residents have raised concerns over the plans.

The application says the business will "provide a range of alpaca related activities, including trekking and caring for the animals."

It adds: "I plan on rehoming 6/8 alpacas for the business; the clients will therefore be in safe, manageable groups. There are no other businesses in the local area offering such activities."

It says the business will create up to 10 jobs.

People wanting to visit the site would meet in the car park of Ian Clough Hall in Baildon town centre where a minibus would pick them up and bring them to the site.

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The application adds: "It will promote exercise for children and adults, improve mental health and wellbeing, create a local business and make good use of agricultural land."

It would also offer educational services and therapy sessions "to help with stress and anxiety for adults and children."

It adds: "Alpaca trekking is completely carbon neutral. We will provide work placements for college students who can gain valuable work experience learning how to care for the animals and how the business is run. This will also bring people in from outside the village, therefore increasing revenue for local shops."

However, the plans have so far divided opinion. While over 50 people have written to the Council to support the application, another 25 people, including a local Councillor, have objected.

Several objectors say children regularly play in the street at Luis Court, and any extra traffic could put an end to this.

Others say the location - next to a relatively new housing development, makes the plans for the rural business unsuitable.

Another says groups walking with alpacas on the moors could be "intimidating."

Councillor Mike Pollard (Cons, Baildon) said while there are "attractive aspects" to the application, but says the parking for the site: "is essentially reliant upon continued availability of the Ian Clough Hall Car Park."

He points out that the future of the hall has yet to be decided, and it was not set in stone that its car park would be readily available to be used by the business.

A decision on the application is expected next month, and Cllr Pollard has asked that any decision be made by a planning committee.