SIR - Why is Ian Botham calling for no action to be taken in regards to over-75s not purchasing a TV licence? He should be saying that for all pensioners.

I am 72 and could be worse off financially than someone over 75. I very much doubt if I am better off. Over-75s in receipt of pension credit, it seems, do not have to pay for a licence. I receive pension credit but I am not treated the same. So why are over-75s more special than over-65s? We are all pensioners.

Scrap the fee for over-65s or for none regardless of what pension you receive.

I have no need for the BBC so why am I not given the freedom to choose to pay for it or not?

Lord Botham should be using his standing to call for the licence fee to be scrapped for all of pension age.

The fee is really no longer for watching BBC because you need said licence whether you watch the BBC or not. You need one to watch ITV or Sky. So why are we told it is needed to watch the BBC?

End the licence fee altogether.

Don Oliver, Gerard House, Idle