A BRADFORD community figure has spoken after receiving his first dose of the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.

Javed Bashir, who is a safeguarding consultant with Strengthening Faith Institutions, got his jab last week.

"I was a little nervous, due to the conspiracy theories on social media", Mr Bashir said.

"But I called my friends and colleagues who have already had the vaccine to find out if it was safe, and I also got a lot of information, guidance and reassurance from the British Islamic Medical Association.

"I received it at Keighley Jamia Masjid. I was welcomed by a multidisciplinary healthcare team in PPE. After completing my risk assessment and getting my temperature checked, I was greeted by a nurse who was professional and reassuring. She double-checked my risk assessment questions - such as whether I had a history of allergy or anaphylaxis, any recent vaccinations and any anticoagulation medicines - and then she prepared my vaccine.

"For me, the injection was painless, just like getting the flu jab. I was told I would receive the appointment for the next dose within twelve weeks.

"I left feeling optimistic and also extremely proud of the work of the NHS, as well as my local mosque.

"There were no adverse reactions and I feel completely well. I encourage everyone to get the vaccine. We have to make sure we keep safe and reduce the transmission of the virus."