THESE adorable babies are little rays of sunshine in a long, cold lockdown winter.

Lockdown restrictions mean it can be a scary experience for mums having their babies at home or in hospital. And family and friends have a long wait before they can see the new arrivals.

So we’re asking Telegraph & Argus readers to send us photos of their babies born in lockdown and we’ll share the happy news on our regular baby page. It’s a special time to be born, and we hope these picture galleries will be treasured keepsakes.

Pictured above are:

Hollie May Crooke was born on November 10, 2020, weighing 6lb 6oz, to Adele Crooke and Chris Dunbar of Bradford. A little sister for Sonnie.

Says Adele: "I was in labour in just under one hour and baby Hollie was born four days early. It was different from having my son because of the lockdown but I must say The BRI midwives were amazing."

Isla Rose Procter was born at BRI on November 20, weighing 7lb 10oz, to David Procter and Jessica Barker of Queensbury. A little sister for Jack and Leo.

Says David: "We had a very rough time leading up to the birth of our daughter. Jess from 26weeks had reduced movements and the stress of coming into the maternity unit four times per week for ctg monitoring, a growth scan and also a Fetal Doppler scan and baby’s heart rate not at the ideal rate, so the doctors were suspecting a heart condition and she was a very sleepy baby.

Jess was induced at 37 weeks and baby was born at 11:53pm on November 20 weighing an amazing 7lb 10oz. Mum and baby are doing fine."

Darcie-Blu was born at BRI on June 19, 2020, weighing 6lb 3oz, to Gemma Louise and Wayne of Bradford. A little sister for Dalton-Jae.

Says Gemma: "It was a very scary time not knowing what would happen especially having to go to scans and appointments alone, but we became parents to our beautiful healthy little girl and our son Dalton-Jae became a big brother for the first time.

She was definitely worth it all. She's our smiley little girl."

Carson-Joe Clifford was born at home in Bradford on January 19, weighing 8lb 4oz, to Shelbi Cooper and Joe Clifford. A little brother for Harvey-Lee and Cecilia-Jean.

Says Shelbi: "Experiencing the pregnancy was very hard, it makes you feel so alone having to go to the scans and appointments on your own with no support. I felt very stressed and worried all the time with all this going on so just makes your days harder and it's emotionally hard for the dads to not be involved throughout the pregnancy, but our labour made up for it.

We got the home birth we wanted with help from lovely ladies called Gemma and Donna from the Bradford home birthing team and after being in slow labour from January 17 at 11.30pm I finally had my little boy at 12.54pm on January 19. He's our little rainbow."

Asena Demir was born on September 14, 2020, weighing 7lb 2oz, to Caitlin and Alper Demir of Bradford. A little sister for Ozan Demir.

Says Caitlin: "Lovely experience, the staff were so friendly and helpful! I definitely felt relaxed and cared for throughout the experience.

Asena is pictured enjoying her first Christmas."

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