AN ARTISTIC creator from West Yorkshire appeared on national TV yesterday, as his life-sized statue of Captain Sir Tom Moore took centre-stage on This Morning.

Tony Clarke, from Colton, Leeds, spoke with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby via video call as the sculpture - which is known as 'The Walk of Hope' - was showcased in the ITV studio.

Tony made the sculpture of the Keighley-born fundraiser, who passed away last week at the age of 100, along with fellow creative and friend Keith Sharratt.

The project began last April and the statue was completed in October.

44-year-old Tony said that he thought it would be "fitting" to raise money from the statue, following Captain Tom's death, and has set a fundraising target of £60,000 - with 10 per cent going to The Captain Tom Foundation.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning yesterday, Tony said: "Myself and Keith, who's from Lancashire, were both inspired by what this guy [Captain Tom] was doing, and I remember making a donation when he was at about £2.5 million, and I think I put £25 or £50 in, and it just inspired me at that time, because I was suffering myself a little bit."

Tony added that Captain Sir Tom's daughter gave him a call after seeing the statue last year and told him she was "taken back" by what he had done, and that she was "inspired" by his work - which "just meant so much more" to Tony, he said.

After Phillip Schofield quizzed Tony on his hopes for where the statue will be unveiled, he said he wants "the people to decide".

He added - with a smile on his face - that: "If it's me, I'd prefer him in Yorkshire, because I'm from Yorkshire - but obviously, as I've said and publicised, it's up to the family to decide where it goes.

"All I want to do is to try and raise funds for the [Captain Tom] foundation and hopefully cover the production costs."

Holly Willoughby thanked Tony for letting them have a "front-row seat" to The Walk of Hope, adding that the statue was "lovely".

Schofield added that Tony and his team had done a "beautiful job", and that Captain Tom would be "very, very pleased with it".