SIR - Re your piece on the new urban cricket centre. In 2014 the ECB announced plans to spend millions on Park Avenue, a ground well past its sell-by date. YCCC jumped on board suggesting there could be a Yorkshire game by 2019 - they went to York instead.

Once again, the only chance Bradford has of new sports facilities is to ride on the race card. I coached kids for over 20 years of all races with equal commitment. The management of the game of cricket is corrosive and as racist either way you spin the ball.

And where are Bradford Council? At the recent Executive meeting they crowed that they were relatively under-borrowed with interest rates at an all-time low. But if they chuck in the extra million (and some) how about some for other parts of Bradford that have kids devoid of sports facilities too?

Finally, this notion that cricket is so dependent on one race is utter hogwash. Who runs the clubs where they all play? Who sells the raffle tickets, cuts the grass, fights the admin mountain? Simply showering money will neither solve the cricket issue nor obesity.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Bradford.