SIR - The bumbling, bureaucratic ideology that is the EU has come up trumps over its mismanagement of the vaccination programme. While the UK forges ahead with a successful vaccination strategy the European commissions procurement process has degenerated into a disgraceful shambles.

This is one example of why the UK was right to opt out and as a nation it was proved we could act more quickly if we did it independently. Indeed, when the EU asked us to join its vaccination procurement scheme and we declined, Labour's European spokeswoman Catherine West said the decision was dumber and dumber. I would like to add that if the boot had been on the other foot, ie the EU was successfully vaccinating its member states, the Remoaners would have been all over this like a rash.

The Government's management of this process has been nothing more than magnificent and we have vaccinated 12per cent of the population with the EU barely 2.5per cent. I would like to say to Von Der Lyden, Commission president: “Vous avez des oeufs sur vos visages.”

Derrick Hodgson, Cornwall Road, Bingley