SIR - Social media, local TV bulletins and printed media are often reporting the reluctance of the BAME community to participate in the take-up or refusal to have the Covid vaccine. Only today, I read Professor Parapia (T&A, February 1) spoke out advising all to get the jab to save lives which I don't doubt will eventually lead to a drop in the horrendous numbers of deaths being reported daily.

I firmly believe that reluctance to have the Covid jab is not only putting yourself, your family and friends at risk, you are putting the wider community at risk. I understand some people are not comfortable with what is in the vaccine, but it will save lives and I don't think the authorities would tell fibs to the wider population if there was something made from pigs' blood or whatever within it.

I also believe it would help community adhesion if people would put aside their unfounded beliefs about the vaccine and have it done. Apparently it's painless so let's all have it when offered, no questions asked, and get rid of this awful disease once and for all.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Laisterdyke