THE FIRST question I asked myself on seeing the CCTV footage of a group of women running hell for leather from a beauty salon being raided by police wasn’t why the salon was flouting the lockdown restrictions - although that is obviously what’s most important in this case - but why those women felt the need to be there at all.

Why are so many people desperate for hair dos, fake tans and beauty treatments when nobody is going out? There are no pubs or clubs open, no cafes, restaurants or bars. Nobody is socialising with anybody else, nobody sees friends from one week to the next. Aside from social media - and that’s more than likely the culprit - there’s no-one to impress.

The beauty salon, in South Wales, is not alone in attempting to stay open against Government legislation. There have been similar scenarios in Yorkshire. This is bad enough, but to have customers ready and willing to make clandestine visits, takes the biscuit.

I find it staggering that people are flouting the laws of this country, risking not only their own health and wellbeing, but that of other people, for a facial or a manicure? So you’ve got a chipped nail, or a few split ends. Come on, there’s a global pandemic raging out there. It can wait.

In a world where we are constantly exposed to self-image on social media, we have become obsessed by grooming, pampering, beautifying, call it what you will. Women spend thousands on treatments and if it is part of your weekly or monthly routine, then I admit, you will miss it. But get things in perspective, it’s not life-threatening. You can survive for a few months without it, and - completely free of charge - I am going to offer a few tips as to how:

Skin: There is nothing simpler than soap and water for effectively cleansing your face. Add a small amount of soap to warm water, and apply it, then rinse. Dry by patting with your hands rather than with a towel. Your skin will feel clean and fresh. To be honest I don’t even use soap - water upon the skin can be quite invigorating. It ‘s as good and cheap a facial as you can get.

Legs: During wartime, when women were unable to get hold of stockings, they used to stain their legs with tea. So, if you really must maintain a tan throughout lockdown, grab a pack of Yorkshire Tea and get to work. I’m joking of course. What you should do is simply pop along to Boots - which I am pleased to report is still open and sells most beauty products - and grab a bottle of tanning mousse. It’s way cheaper than a £2,000 fine.

Hair: Why are we missing the hairdresser? It’ not as though we have any holidays to chat about. Instead of regarding your ’lockdown hair’ as unkempt, try a new style - pile it up on top or cultivate a shaggy Tina Turner. You never know, it might suit you. My neighbour turned to her husband to cut and colour her hair and, wielding a pair of kitchen scissors, he made a great job of it. “I might never go to a hairdresser again,” she said. A huge saving financially.

Nails: I amazed that anyone can do anything practical wearing inch-long fake nails. Take this opportunity to let them die a natural death and rediscover all the things you miss, like picking your nose, tying your own shoelaces and opening cans with pull-rings.

Body: For me, a hot foam bath is the best way to relax and feel cleansed. Light a couple of candles - it can’t be beaten. Frantic thoughts of all those missed sessions at the salon will drift away…and there is no chance of a police raid half way through.