SIR - I have probably written about this in the past but it is a situation that appears to get worse as time goes by. I refer to the absolute inability of our politicians and their spokesmen to speak clearly when addressing the public or the media.

Our very own Mumbler in Chief is none other than Mr Alexandre Boris De Pfeffel Johnson, closely followed by his Secretary of state for Health, Mr Matthew Hancock.

Johnson especially, appears to mumble and umm, err constantly, often finishing a sentence with words at such speed that they are unintelligible! Even the scientists and health experts who accompany them during their addresses to the nation have taken up the great language assassination.

Are my expectations too high or should our public servants and leaders be capable of clarity in public speaking?

Perhaps it's a ploy to give them time to think of a way to avoid the question!

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford