A YOUNG poet from Bradford whose work is being used to inspire children around the country was recently commissioned to write a poem for the National Day of Human Rights.

Haris Ahmed, 19, who is originally from Killinghall but now lives in Shipley, was commissioned to write the poem The Doomsday Clock News by Common Wealth for human rights organisation Fly the Flag 2020.

Evie Manning, director of Common Wealth, a theatre group based in Bradford and Cardiff, said Haris's poem "is a bit of a call to arms to engage people with events happening around the world".

"I would say it expresses a personal and powerful perspective from a young person.

"It was for the National Day of Human Rights but his poems are relevant every day of the year."

Haris said: "The whole idea of writing it is that we don't think deeply enough as a society."

Evie added: "Haris is a brilliant spoken word poet in his own right. His poem is a really beautiful piece.

"He's a strong young talent and we want to encourage him on his journey."

His journey as a young artist started when he was just 11, says Evie, who remembers Haris coming down to help Common Wealth with rehearsals for a play in Oastler Market.

"He was very connected to us from the beginning," said Evie. "He's a rising star and is someone who is going to do great things."

"What I love most about poetry is that it allows me to tell a story," said Haris. "The way I write is very last minute and in the moment. I get into the spirit of things."

Evie said that The Doomsday Clock News has been chosen by the organisation Fuel Theatre to go into education packs for teachers to use in schools.

"They're used across the country to inspire young people to write poetry," said Evie.

"Although it is a form of validation of the work itself, I find it weird," said Haris. "To think that teachers are using my poems as a resource - it's insane.

"When I set to write poetry, the last thing on my mind is to want people to study my own work. I write for my own freedom."

A lot of Haris's artistic work is poetry, but he also has been involved in theatre. One of his most recent productions was with five other young people in the three-part BBC Three documentary School of Hard Tricks.

Haris said: "It follows six of us who use magic to develop a journey of personal growth. We filmed it in 2019 and it aired just before lockdown last year.

To hear Haris reading The Doomsday Clock News, visit here