LATEST NEWS: Stock car racing promoter announces bumper list of events at Odsal (and here's when it kicks off)

A STOCK CAR racing legend is relishing the renewed chance for younger members of his family to take to the Odsal Stadium track - as the T&A got access for a sneak-peek at how the transformation is progressing.

The preparations and building work to get the famous bowl ready for the return of stock car racing in April are well underway.

It is a vision that has been pulled together by event promoter, Startrax, which is run by Steve Rees.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Steve Rees, Startrax owner, looks on at Odsal Stadium.

Mr Rees, pictured above, was in charge when the last vehicles raced at Odsal, back in 1997.

He is passionate about the rebirth of stock car racing at the venue and has had contractors on site since the start of year, with the track now beginning to take shape.

The ring of metals posts are in, the ropes have been tightened, but the race is still on to reach the finishing line in time for the first event - BriSCA F1 Stock Cars on Saturday, April 3.

There were 2,000 tickets that went on sale for that first event, limited due to the coronavirus pandemic, and 140 VIP Club memberships guaranteeing the "best seats" over a five-year period also released.

An absence of 23 years has not dampened the appetite for stock car racing in Bradford and legend of the sport, Frankie Wainman Senior, is excited for its return.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Frankie Senior, pictured above, said: "It's brilliant, there needed to be something done with it.

"As a Bradford rate payer, it's costing a fortune just to be sat there doing nothing.

"The amount of people buying cars already for it is unbelievable.

"A lot of second, third, generations will race at Bradford.

"We go back to Odsal, back to 1975."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Above: An archive photo Silsden's Frankie Wainman Senior racing at Odsal 

Stock car racing has always been a family affair for the Wainmans and Frankie Senior's sons and grandchildren have been helping out at Odsal with the development work.

Frankie Senior remembers fondly a time when he and his son - also called Frankie - battled against each other at the fabled venue and student became master when Frankie Junior sent his dad "over the timbers".

He is looked forward to future generations of the Wainman clan taking to the track at Bradford's most famous stadium.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Above: An archive image of Frankie Wainman Junior racing at Odsal

Frankie Senior said: "I've got two sons racing, six grandchildren race and all race at Odsal, everyone of them - that is the future."

For anyone with any doubts about the financially viability of bringing the sport back, Mr Wainman has a message.

He claimed: "It was the only thing that made money in there.

"They made money, proper money, not silly peanuts."

The stock car legend also outlined that Bradford is filled with avid fans who are laying dormant, waiting for a reawakening.

He said: "Bradford will be filled with old stock car fans.

"They don't particularly need to go and get a new crowd, but a new crowd will come.

"I see a good future.

"The Bulls haven't committed to going back, so I think they'll wait another year and hope to come ride on the back of stock cars."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Above: Action from Odsal in 1990, with Frankie Wainman Senior's 212 car visible in the background