A VIRAL meme from last year has been doing the rounds on social media once again, and Bulls couldn't help but get involved.

There is a strong West Yorkshire contingent of first-teamers at the club, with many of them still young lads, who would surely enjoy the odd night out on the town, once we're allowed again.

Reimagining a typical Friday/Saturday night in Leeds, Bulls have photoshopped Jordan Lilley, Sam Hallas, Joe Brown and Brandon Pickersgill on to the meme.

Bulls' tweet drew the attention of Bradfordian George Flanagan, one of the elder statesmen in the squad at 34.

He posted: "Don’t think you’d get a more accurate picture of the 4 of them. Sure I’ve seen @Brandon_Pickers in that shirt before."

In response, Bulls joked: "The haters will say it’s been photoshopped."